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We present you a unique investment property in Duchnów near Warsaw. Located directly at the communication junction connecting the A2 highway and national road No. 2. The highway is part of the strategic international corridor E30.

7 km from the capital in the middle of Europe. It connects east with west and north with south. The manufactured goods will be distributed throughout Europe and logistics or services will provide great opportunities. This offer is a real diamond.

The property is perfectly connected. Front access from two sides. Communications marked on the graphic: green from the east, blue from the west (passage over the highway - connection to national road No. 2 - western part of the communication node). In addition, in the middle of the property access from the west (Kresowa street).

At a distance of 5.5 km to the west, a junction of the southern bypass of Warsaw "Góraszka" and C.H. "Colorful Life" - one of the largest and most modern shopping centers. At the next junction to the east (12km) is C.H. Stojadała (under development).

The date of commissioning of the section of the A2 GÓRASZKA motorway - MIŃSK BYPASS OF MAZOWIECKIE is 25 June 2020. It will ensure a perfect connection with Wawer, Wał Miedzeszyński, Wilanów or Ursynów. The eastern bypass of Warsaw is under preparation. Access to Marki and Żoliborz will also be instant.

The property is located in the very center of Europe, directly at the main communication route E30.

Warsaw's southern bypass is almost ready. It will ensure very fast access to Wawer, Wilanów or Ursynów. The Eastern bypass (in preparation) is a perfect combination with Marki and Żoliboż.


Communication node A2 "Konik" The property in question is marked in green.

The A2 / K2 collision-free "Clover" ("Karo") node provides the possibility of comfortable descent in any direction.

The offered 94m wide property is located in the central part of the Konik communication node.


a ban on location of projects that could potentially have a significant impact on the environment, including: a) installations related to the recovery or disposal of waste, b) mining waste disposal facilities, c) scrap collection or transhipment points. The maximum building height is 14m. Maximum building area - 50% The minimum percentage of biologically active area - 20% - surface water and 50% of parking spaces and access areas lined with a grass grille (the so-called geogrid) or an openwork concrete slab are also recognized. 
The entire plan can be viewed >>HERE<<

Distances / Media

-Warszawa - 7km 
-Pałac Kultury i Nauki – 24km 
-Mińsk Mazowiecki 15km 
-Berlin 600km 
-Paryż 1670km 
-Kijów 760km 
-Moskwa 1260km

1. Water - URBAN
Currently, the plot has a 550m2 building (which can be used for residential or office purposes), a hall (warehouse), 700m2, a workshop, about 200m2.

ul. Szosa Mińska 52
05-462 Wiązowna

Marcin Kruszyński
+48 731 577 775

The announcement does not constitude an offer in the meaning of the provision of the Civil Code.

About Us

We are the only owners of the offered property. It is free from legal defects, has clean PROPERTY BOOKS. PLOT NUMBERS: 
141708_2.0005.236 / 3 -2.7500 HA 141708_2.0005.904 / 12 -1.0290 HA 
and a 50% share in plot No. 141708_2.0005.904 / 10 (additional internal road) - 2,790 m2.

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